Ben Valley Diamond
Sire: Sansue Interceptor of Bushbane
Misty Valley Diamond 
Born: 24th October 1989

Ben was my first golden retriever.  We saw a newspaper advertisement that there was a litter of golden retrievers for sale in Londonderry.  We went and got him at the end of 1989.  I was so excited.  That was the beginning of my association with this lovely breed.  Even though he was not show quality, he was the first dog that I took to a show and I learned a lot with him.  We enjoyed going to obedience classes every week.  He was very intelligent.  He loved bread and he always had to get some toast when everyone was having their breakfast in the morning.  Mum always took him out for a good, long walk, every day when I was at school.  Then when I got back from school, he looked forward to going another walk.  He died due to bloat on 6th January 1993 at the young age of three years. 






 Sansue Interceptor of Bushbane



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 Misty Valley Diamond

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