21st January 2006        Ulster Golden Retriever Club Open Show
                                    Judge - Mrs N Hughes (Truelindale)
                                    Rosegrove Follow Your Dream - 1st junior d or b
                                                                                       Reserve Best Bitch
                                   "Lovely overall type, just needs to break in head, lovely
                                    shoulders, excellent body in very good condition, good bone,
                                    legs and feet, excellent hindquarters.  Her handler  
                                    reminded me of myself quite a few years ago and I almost
                                    wished I was starting out again.  Keep going you are doing  
                                    great.  Reserve Best Bitch".  Judge Mrs N Hughes 
                                    Rosegrove Forever Promise - 1st novice d or b
                                  "Lovely overall type, good head and expression.  Good
                                    dark eye, lovely neck and shoulders, good hindquarters,
                                    sound mover.  I would like tighter feet".  Judge Mrs N Hughes
18th February 2006     Queensisland Canine Club Open Show
                                    Judge - Mr D McCullough
                                    Rosegrove Follow Your Dream - 3rd junior d or b
25th February 2006     NI Gundog, Field & Show Society Open Show
                                    Judge - Mrs N Farquarson
                                    Rosegrove Follow Your Dream - 2nd junior d or b
26th February 2006     Newtownards & District Canine Club Championship Show
                                    Judge - Mr Pascoe
                                    Rosegrove Follow Your Dream - 1st junior bitch
                                                                                       Reserve Green Star
4th March 2006           Belfast Dog Show Society Open Show
                                    Judge - Miss E Archibald (Abinvale)
                                    Rosegrove Follow Your Dream - 1st junior d or b
                                                                                       Reserve Best of Breed
15th April 2006            Ulster Golden Retriever Club Championship Show
                                    Judge - Mrs J Newton (Coombstock)
                                    Rosegrove Follow Your Dream - 1st special yearling bitch
                                                                                       4th limit bitch
                                    (kindly handled by Mr U Craig)
                                  "Pretty bitch who owns an appealing head, nice reach
                                    of neck to correct forehand angles, tight feet of good
                                    boning, compact body of good depth, level topline, nice
                                    hindquarters.  Moved well".  Judge Mrs J Newton
                                    Rosegrove Forever Promise - 2nd novice bitch
                                  "Very typical bitch who shows promise for the future but
                                    as yet needs to mature and tighten in her movement".
                                                                                           Judge Mrs J Newton
5th August 2006           Bangor & North Down Canine Club Championship Show
                                    Judge - Mrs A Stuifbergen
                                    Rosegrove Follow Your Dream - 1st graduate bitch
29th September 2006   Belfast Dog Show Society Championship Show
                                    Judge - Mrs W Gunner (Crowood)
                                    Rosegrove Follow Your Dream - 5th post graduate bitch
20th October 2006       Londonderry Canine Association Limit Show
                                    Judge - Mrs P Huey
                                    Rosegrove Follow Your Dream - Best of Breed
                                                                                       Best in Group
                                                                                       Reserve Best in Show



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